"An Excellent Program"

Julia Heiman, Ph.D., Director of the Kinsey Institute, Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, and Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, University of Indiana, states:

"This is an excellent program: clear, methodical, informative and honest about the pitfalls that must be avoided by the forensic practitioner. Consistent with her reputation, Dr. Feldman-Summers has a careful and thorough style that newcomers to the field would do well to emulate."

"Definitely worth the price"

Carla Bradshaw, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist and Past President of the Washington State Psychological Association, states:

"This program would be useful to any psychologist who is considering engaging in a forensic practice or who is already involved but would like an overview of best practices. The detail with which Dr. Feldman-Summers addresses each aspect of forensic practice provides a roadmap with plenty of good signage. Along the way, she alerts the viewer to those occasions on which state law must be consulted, as well as those occasions on which the practitioner must exercise particular care to avoid compromising the ethical standards of our profession."

"One might reasonably ask: Is the program worth the price? In my opinion, the answer is, 'Yes, it is definitely worth the price.’ At the very least, it is worth the price to have anxieties alleviated by the clear guidelines that Dr. Feldman-Summers provides. The sample documents alone (in particular, the sample reports, sample consent forms and the sample attorney contract) are easily worth the price of the program, and would probably be found useful even by an established practitioner."

"Finely tuned"

Wendy Hutchins-Cook, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist and ABPP, of Seattle, Washington, states:

"The program provides the finely tuned balance of breadth and depth that this material requires. Early career psychologists considering a forensic practice can be confident, after viewing this program, that they have been exposed to the range of topics that require their consideration. Speaking from the perspective of someone with many years of forensic experience in the field of parenting evaluations, I can say with confidence that even experienced forensic psychologists will find useful information in this program."

"Even though the program is focused on expert opinion in cases involving psychological injury, it has much to offer to the psychologist who intends to offer expert opinion in other areas, including child custody and visitation disputes. For example, the guidance about how to market one's practice, how to formulate and articulate defensible opinions, how to prepare for and participate in a deposition and how to prepare for trial will be helpful to a forensic practitioner in virtually any area."


William S. Bailey, Seattle attorney and partner in Fury Bailey of Seattle, Washington, WSTLA “Trial Lawyer of the Year” and author of Show the Story: The Power of Visual Advocacy, states:

"I have finished my review of your splendid DVD program on developing a forensic practice. The information provided is thorough, thoughtful and useful, aided by your very strong screen presence. I can't think of any substantive topic of importance that was left out."


Mavis Tsai, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist and co-author of A Guide to Functional Analytic Psychotherapy: Awareness, Courage, Love and Behaviorism, and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy: Creating Intense and Curative Therapeutic Relationships, states:

"In this extraordinary program, Dr. Feldman-Summers distills three decades of experience as a forensic psychologist into an astute, in-depth compendium and tutorial with step-by-step guidelines for dealing with a case from the first phone call to conducting the examination, writing the report, and preparing for the deposition and trial. A simulated deposition captures the tension and antagonism that can be present in such interactions, and one is coached cogently on how to deal confidently with challenging queries. This DVD set with sample documents is a goldmine and will greatly increase the skill of anyone interested in developing oneself as an expert witness specializing in psychological injury.

If you are a forensic psychologist, or interested in becoming one, this masterpiece is a must-have in your library."


Susan Raab-Cohen, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist in Washington with experience as both a treating therapist and as a forensic expert, states:

“It takes great courage and tenacity to try to codify thirty years of practice in a form that is useful, watchable and comprehensive. Dr. Feldman-Summers has succeeded in this challenging mission.

Dr. Feldman-Summers proceeds with careful and comprehension attention to the best practices in psychology and law. Her approach is scientific, ethical and effective. She knows exactly when a newer practitioner of forensic psychology needs detailed examples, when he or she will be inclined to take procedural short cuts or seek expediency. She uses this medium to create and demonstrate a standard that has not always been available in the field.

As one small example, a novice forensic psychologist may not give serious consideration to challenges to their assessment measures. This psychologist may then be targeted for using a test that has been previously discredited in court. Instead, Dr. Feldman-Summers guides the forensic psychologist through a stepwise approach to evaluating and defending measurement tools. This is a small example of the detail that pervades this useful DVD. Her simulated witness interview is interspersed with Dr. Feldman-Summers’ conceptualizations, plans, and reflections about the process. There is a coaching as well as an educational function to this DVD.

For forensic psychologists still building their forensic practices, this DVD will be indispensable. She will save practitioners the cost of the DVD in simply giving them a pathway to expediently prepare themselves to take on these complex cases involving psychological damages. Further, clinicians will be able to turn to this DVD to learn how to handle areas of potential uncertainty, e.g. how to justify one’s conclusions, comport one’s self during a deposition, or prepare for trial. The section on preparing for and participating in a deposition would be tremendously valuable for any psychologist who is called upon to testify. The DVD frames a standard of practice that is a model for new and practicing psychologists alike.

Dr. Feldman-Summers builds a convincing paradigm for a thoughtful, effective and ethical forensic practice. She has made a contribution to the practice of psychology that benefits all of us—psychologists, witnesses and attorneys.”


The Hon. Faith Ireland, Washington State Supreme Court Justice (Ret.)

Dr. Feldman-Summers has done a masterful job with straightforward, conscientious teaching. From the standpoint of one who has practiced law and who has also sat on the bench, I believe that she has covered the essential steps of pretrial preparation, that she has cited the relevant ethical principles, court rules and cases, and that she has modeled the best practices. In one course, Dr. Feldman-Summers covers a complex subject with clarity, thoroughness and confidence building demonstrations. I have followed Dr. Feldman-Summers' career for thirty years and have been impressed with her effective work and outstanding reputation in the field. This program reveals why she has earned her reputation.

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